Monday, July 12, 2010

Tool 8

Video Resources

This tool is totally new to me, but I can see how it would be very useful to include videos in your lessons to supplement your teaching. Videos can appeal to visual and auditory learning styles and help demonstrate objectives and expectations.

Searching for the videos was a bit challenging - there seems to be many duplicates and some had 'ads' that were connected to the video.

I chose these two videos/songs to use in my classroom for the upcoming year, both from YouTube: The Mini-book Song and I Can Write My Numbers.

"The Mini-book Song" - YouTube

This video gave me the idea of having students make a video or photostory reading log after reading a set number of books to show their progress at a certain level.

"I Can Write My Numbers" - YouTube

I would like to use this video at the beginning of the school year to refresh student handwriting skills and/or counting of numbers. The students could watch the video, practice making the number 'in the air' or actually write them on whiteboards.

I love the 'EMBED' feature on YouTube for these videos, but I did have help from my son!

On to Tool 9 ;-)

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