Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tool 4

Google Docs & Google Reader

Google Docs: I created a sample document and shared it with my family. It was actually easier than I thought it would be - :). This tool could be used for team input to update and collaborate on various activities/planning. It is also helpful by not having to remember to attach a document to an email!

Google Reader: I subscribed to 6 sites to follow (Technology & the Classroom; Mrs. Green's Blog Spot; Technology is my Challenge; Mary's Art Spot; Serenity Now; Kirina's Closet) - also easier to do than I thought. This tool could be helpful for saving time by having all the sites you follow in a central location.

Question: Do I need to 'hot link' any of these sites? and how? Thanks!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tool 3 Complete

I have completed Tool #3, but I have to say that I still don't understand this. In order to get these images on my Blog, I had to go through different steps for each. I would love to use these Tools in my classroom, but I fear that without a lot more practice, I would have trouble 'getting them to work.' These are on my Blog with the help of my family.:) I used the boxer and cube example to create "A Boxer on a Box" just for fun.
In the classroom, the Cube picture and Word Cloud could be used in a math lesson in which the student could first 'create' a Cube and then write a sentence using math vocabulary to describe it on a Word Cloud.
Credits:;'s Cube;

Monday, June 21, 2010

Tool 3 Again

This is my second attempt using Tool #3 Image generator/mashup.
Both of my images are just for practice, as this is VERY new to me. It is still confusing - it seems that for every image you want to create, there is a 'different' set of 'rules' in order to actually have appear on your blog. Maybe it will be easier tomorrow........

Avatar voice

What happened to my avatar voice? It was working fine until I was working on Tool #3.

Tool 3

Two hours for one sample....but I'm learning!

However, I don't like or understand why I have to sign up/register/log-in/etc. on so many sites.(I couldn't get BigHugeLab to work even though I thought I 'uploaded pictures' to it and had to register for an account:( Does anyone know why?

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tool 2

I have to admit that this is 'kinda' fun..............

Commenting on building & participating in a PLN: Like I said, this is 'kinda' fun, but at the same time a little 'scary', which is mainly why I've never really investigated into doing this until now. Therefore, half of me wants to jump both feet on the bandwagon and start 'creating', while the other half, well, you know-

My biggest concern about creating a PLN is of the unknown......who might read this, who might comment back, who might...etc., in fact-I'm thinking about that as I type this. However, I can see where this tool can connect you with others (hopefully with common interests/goals) on a wider scale than just down the hallway. I am trying to be 'open' to the positive aspects of building relationships and increasing my knowledge base.

What stood out to me from the 'commenting advice' was the possible need for boundary-setting in your blog, for obvious reasons--

I made comments on these Blogs: Serenity Now, Technology is my Challenge, Mrs. Green's Blog Spot, Teachin' in Flip Flops, Mary's Art Spot

2 Down, 9 To Go........

Friday, June 11, 2010

Tool 1

I did it! (But my computer-savvy son was sitting next to me:) I'm still at the stage of being a little afraid of "clicking on" computer buttons...........but I am determined to be ready for 21st century teaching!

My first blog ever!

Today I started my 11 Tools Training - interesting......11.
I viewed the two training videos and it confirmed what I already knew - I need to get "with" the advancements in technology on both a personal and professional level. I am excited to learn about these tools - maybe I'll even get an Iphone!