Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tool 3 Complete

I have completed Tool #3, but I have to say that I still don't understand this. In order to get these images on my Blog, I had to go through different steps for each. I would love to use these Tools in my classroom, but I fear that without a lot more practice, I would have trouble 'getting them to work.' These are on my Blog with the help of my family.:) I used the boxer and cube example to create "A Boxer on a Box" just for fun.
In the classroom, the Cube picture and Word Cloud could be used in a math lesson in which the student could first 'create' a Cube and then write a sentence using math vocabulary to describe it on a Word Cloud.
Credits: Flickr.com; Dumpr.net/Rubik's Cube;Worditout.com/wordcloud

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  1. The boxer is cute ^_^! And, those are some good ideas. I'll remember that for when I teach (I assume you could do the same for a chemistry class :D )