Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tool 2

I have to admit that this is 'kinda' fun..............

Commenting on building & participating in a PLN: Like I said, this is 'kinda' fun, but at the same time a little 'scary', which is mainly why I've never really investigated into doing this until now. Therefore, half of me wants to jump both feet on the bandwagon and start 'creating', while the other half, well, you know-

My biggest concern about creating a PLN is of the unknown......who might read this, who might comment back, who might...etc., in fact-I'm thinking about that as I type this. However, I can see where this tool can connect you with others (hopefully with common interests/goals) on a wider scale than just down the hallway. I am trying to be 'open' to the positive aspects of building relationships and increasing my knowledge base.

What stood out to me from the 'commenting advice' was the possible need for boundary-setting in your blog, for obvious reasons--

I made comments on these Blogs: Serenity Now, Technology is my Challenge, Mrs. Green's Blog Spot, Teachin' in Flip Flops, Mary's Art Spot

2 Down, 9 To Go........


  1. I also have some apprehensions about "putting myself out there." I don't know if it is because of a fear of the unknown or just the vulnerability of sharing beliefs to/with a broader audience-not just friends and known colleagues. I think you're doing great! Have fun!