Monday, June 21, 2010

Tool 3

Two hours for one sample....but I'm learning!

However, I don't like or understand why I have to sign up/register/log-in/etc. on so many sites.(I couldn't get BigHugeLab to work even though I thought I 'uploaded pictures' to it and had to register for an account:( Does anyone know why?


  1. Not sure, but I know the pictures must me i JPEG format to work (.JPEG at the end). Check your pics.

  2. Thanks; Note: I tried saving a picture today that appeared just as a 'tiny' dot on the screen because it wasn't a .jpeg. (Good to know when trying to save pictures!)

  3. Yeah, .jpeg is the best format to have a picture in, especially for websites. I don't know how you host and post pictures on this blog, but, on my Wordpress one, how I saved it and how I put it in a post must match (i.e: picture.JPEG on my computer must = picture.JPEG on the site...otherwise, you don't see anything...even if it is picture.jpeg on the site, because it's not capitalized makes a difference).