Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tool 9

Sharing Information through Jing and Skype

Wow!........both of these are pretty amazing, although very confusing to someone who has never used them before. The Skype reminds me of the old Jetson cartoons when George could see Mr. Slate or his wife, Jane, when they called him!

Jing: The screencast on Jing could be used for students to practice problem-solving skills. A sample of the steps of the problem-solving model could be made and the students could follow along with it to solve their own problems. They could view it as many times as they needed.

Skype: If students had access to Skype communication, this could be used to actively communicate with other students or teachers on projects/assignments. The direct access to authors, or other professionals, to make presentations in the classroom is awesome (given the connections and necessary equipment). I think students would like to use Skype to 'take a field trip' anywhere in the world and then write about it or make a photostory:)

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